01 Oct Is It Really Lonely At The Top?

Everyone has been hearing for years that it’s lonely at the “Top”! Is this really true? If it is then why are people at the bottom saying it also? How do they know? Well… I will let you know.

Truth is; it’s lonely way before you get to the top. Ok, let me slow down. I take for granted that everyone already knows what the “Top” is. The “Top” refers to a high level of success in any given industry. If you’re successful then why are you lonely? I’m glad you asked that question. While climbing the ladder of success you start to CHANGE! That CHANGE is inevitable to your growth and your success. Many people in your life do not want that CHANGE to happen. No they are not all out to keep you at the bottom but some just genuinely cannot comprehend or accept the fact that you are perhaps going down different roads in life. Your destiny may be of larger impact than theirs, they could be afraid you will leave them once you’ve reached your plateau or whatever the case maybe. With a lack of understanding and an over abundance of stubbornness they walk out of your life. That’s how people at the bottom know it’s lonely at the top. Anyone who has experienced some type of success understands this. One thing I’ve come to realize is that not everyone is meant to go with you on your journey. With that being said, I want to prepare you for the worst.

Be prepared for heartache, broken friendships, relationships, rumors and lonely nights. They all come with the territory of success whether you’re causing it or it being inflicted upon you. You will get offers and advances with strings attached. The consequences of those strings can come to hang you so be aware when they are presented. Since I’m in the Entertainment Industry, I want to speak about this particular realm. People will be drawn to you for the wrong reasons and you have to discern who those people are else you’ll get burned in the end and then shut others out who are actually meant to be in your life due to your mistrust. If a hand goes up your knee while at a business dinner, a kiss is almost forced on you while thinking you’re on a friendly outing or you’re presented with the opportunity of a lifetime if you ONLY ….. Those things tend to create trust issues in the most beautiful, talented, and intelligent people. You feel you cannot tell anyone so you throw yourself into your work. All these things affect the CHANGE that people see in you and because they have no idea what’s going on and that you seemingly have the world on your shoulders you pull away from them and in turn allow them to leave.

Once you make it to the “Top” you realize that it’s nothing like you imagined…maybe better or maybe shockingly worse. BUT what you need to take into account is that everything that transpired on your way to the “TOP” has been put in place to thicken your skin, sharpen your discernment and allow you to take your rightful place as the King of Pride Rock…wait, sorry that was from the Lion King but you get my drift.

The “Top”, “Middle” and sometimes even the “Bottom” is lonely but get out of the journey what you need in order to survive and thrive.

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