10 Nov Unapologetic

My mom told me that she was hardest on me than my 8 other siblings because not only did I have a sharp tongue and smart mouth but because I seemed to never apologize for what she considered was wrong that I believed to be right. She went on to say how it pissed her off to the highest degree that I refused to apologize when she asked me to. I’m finally back to that place in my life where I am unapologetic for how my life is, who I like, what I like, how I think, what I believe and most importantly how I feel about myself. When my head hits the pillow every night I have peace like you wouldn’t believe. Who knew it would take me pulling something from my dreadful past and making it relevant to my current lifestyle to do so?

Neither I nor anyone else should have to apologize for who they are. There is nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your own drummer. People will always try to change, judge or avoid what they don’t understand. Hell, half the people judging or hating don’t even have the mental or intellectual capability to understand anyways so why bother apologizing or explaining it. Can you really put it into words anyways? I know I can’t and won’t even try to. This new phase is freeing but freedom comes with a price and that price is the loss of friends, associates and even some family members. But you have to do what’s best for you and live according to the plan that was written for your life way before you were even born. God made not one mistake in making us who we are yet people will try their damndest to have us believe otherwise.

I was told I was crazy for moving to LA with no money to pursue a career where over 50% of the people who pursued it before me committed suicide after failing. I was told I shouldn’t start my own company because I didn’t have the finances, the name or knowledge to pull it off. I was told I need to get out more and experience life because I work too much and too hard. Now it’s my turn to tell them, in the words of Chris Brown, LOOK AT ME NOW! I’m not rich, I’m not famous and I don’t own a Fortune 500 Company but I’m pretty sure I’m the happiest, skinny, Black man in Los Angeles! I will not apologize for being perfectly imperfect and neither should you!

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