Reflection-picIt’s that time of year again where we sit and reflect on the year’s accomplishments, failures, lessons learned, friends gained, friends lost, the passing of loved ones, broken hearts, new found loves, career changes, iPhone upgrades, weight loss, weight gain, and mostly importantly; the individual and overall personal growth you’ve accomplished. There are many things we can look back on and say we wish we could have done better or differently but the truth is everything happened exactly the way God planned it and who are we to want to change a perfect plan planned by a perfect god.

I am no exception to this rule. There was a reason everything happened to me and the fashion in which it happened. At the time, I’m sure I complained, whined, pouted and stomped around like I was a little kid but in actuality I wouldn’t be the same man sitting here writing this blog if it had not have happened. Finding a silver lining in everything has been a gift of sorts for me. My grandmother passed away this year and I thought I would never recover and although running across her pictures around my apartment instantly bring tears to my eyes, I can say that now I don’t have to pick up the phone to call her, I can just look up to heaven and have at it. I don’t have to spend 600 bucks to fly to Memphis to feel her embrace; I just have to close my eyes and know she’s there. Moments like that are precious and should not be taken for granted but praises be to God for allowing us those golden nuggets of happiness and bliss.

Reflecting is great because you think back on all the things you accomplished that you had no idea you were capable of achieving but you did it. You realize that you seem to always fall for the wrong type but now you know it and will proceed differently. You seemed to let fear paralyze you when wanting to achieve something you wholeheartedly desired but NOW you know that “God didn’t give us the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind.” I’ll end with this…none of us are perfect but striving for perfection is going to get us closer to all the goals we set out to accomplish. For the upcoming year: love harder, defy the odds, always stay positive and selflessly give to those in need!

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