01 Apr A Season of Isolation

No matter what profession you’re in in Hollywood, or any other city in the world for that matter, you always seem to have multiple jobs or titles. We all wear many hats and at times that can become overwhelming, stressful, tiresome and aggravating. That’s when your season of isolation is needed more than ever. No matter how important your job or career is, your sanity is worth much more.

I assumed that because I finally received my MBA I would be diving headfirst back into the world of Show Business, signing with a new agent immediately, auditioning all around town, photo shoot after photo shoot…basically back to my regular life before I decided to take a detour down the road of academia. I’m one of those actors that plan everything down to a science and execute them with precision. In the midst of all that planning God stopped me in my tracks.

I needed to separate myself from all the noise of Hollywood, observe from a distance the new ‘Game Changers’, forgo attendance at industry functions, confide only in God and work harder in silence. There were days I left my cell phone at the house or in the car when running around town, completely being aware of my surroundings and away from any distractions. I had never been so in-tuned with God in my life. The phone rang and rang with call after call, text message beep after beep but I was in no rush to answer it or return the message. For most of us in Hollywood, that is an unthinkable act to do. What if it was “THE” call? I wasn’t worried one bit because I know who holds my future.

Friends felt abandoned, upset and some even packed their duffle bags and moved on to the next. Once again, not one single hair on my chinny, chin, chin was bothered. I was able to discern who I really wanted in my life and career, which mentors meant me ‘NO’ good, which friends ‘understood’ my journey without words being spoken, and what would be the perfect route for me to take on this “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” we call the Entertainment Industry.

You can always tell when you’ve gotten what God wanted you to get because the right phone calls started to come in… projects being offered without auditioning that have named directors attached, accomplished photographers reaching out to shoot for free when their base prices starts at $1,200.00, and fellow entertainment professionals I’ve always wanted to meet and work with suddenly started sending messages of introduction and invites to meet up.

I’ve learned so much about myself, the direction I want my career to go in and most importantly, who I need around me in order to achieve the success I’ve been working so hard to get.

Don’t fight your season of isolation because it could be the EXACT thing you need to make all your dreams and prayers come true!

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  • Gloria Burse
    Posted at 02:23h, 02 April Reply

    Justin, great share! I agree, this is a season that all professionals can appreciate. Whenever we trust God more than we trust ourselves, our contacts and our "successes", we cannot fail. Enjoy the journey! Glo

  • J.T. Slimcutta
    Posted at 04:22h, 02 April Reply

    Very nice, my friend. Keep doing what God has planned for you. You know what you're after. I can tell and only wish you the best and all my support.

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